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At Pear, we are always exploring the symbiotic relationship between people and real estate.  Finding your new home should not just be a necessity, but the chance to create your own dream environment. We believe that being approachable, dedicated, and friendly is what makes a fruitful relationship. When you work with Pear, you can count on us to make it personal.


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Richard Garland is a 10 year veteran of New York real estate.  He moved to New York in 2011, and started working in real estate soon after.  He soon became the top agent at his firm, and pioneered the use of roommate matchmaking to rent larger apartments - helping those who needed a roommate more easily find a home. 


Within 3 years, roommate matchmaking proved so successful that he co-founded a startup called Roomeze. Roomeze re-defined how students and young professionals found roommates and housing. After 6 successful years in business, the coronavirus pandemic changed the market, and it was time to approach NYC real estate in a new way. Richard decided it was time to simply focus on what he does best - renting and selling under his own name and brand.  


In December 2020, Richard founded Pear, a boutique brokerage that focuses exclusively on sales and rentals. His relationship with his clients has driven his passion for real estate throughout his career, and he’s returning to his roots.  

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